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Generic Viagra

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Generic Viagra is a total copy of brand drug, which treats sexual dysfunction in the initial stage and provides an erection.

Generic Viagra Soft

Viagra Soft
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Viagra Soft is one of the generics of Brand Viagra, which is included in its formula the active ingredient Sildenafil.

Viagra Super Active

Viagra Super Active
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Viagra Super Active is generic of Viagra and has not only a powerful formula, but also a whole range of medicinal herbs.


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Vigora is a medication, which hepls to solve problems in the sexual life. It is similar in its effectiveness to the brand drug.

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What is a Generic Drug?

A generic drug is produced and distributed without a patent protection. The generic drug may still have a patent on its formulation, but not on the active ingredient. The generics should contain the same active ingredients as the original formulation.