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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have only the branded medicines?

Our list of the medicines includes generic and branded drugs.

Explain the term “generic drug”. Is the quality of the generic medicines different from the original tablets?

The generic medicines include the chemical elements that have been tested by the manufacturers of the original drugs for the efficiency, safety and quality. As all branded drugs are FDA approved, the quality of their generic analogs and the route of administration are the same. The composition of the inactive chemicals in the formula of the generic drugs can differ. But, this aspect does not influence the effect of the medicines. Besides, the generics can have the different form, shape and color comparing with the original analogs. So, one has no grounds to consider the generic medicines worse in the quality and provided effect on a male organism.

What is the explanation of the low prices of the generic drugs?

The producers and inventors of the original drugs have to spend costs for FDA approval, clinical trials of the main chemical ingredients and advertising. When a medicine is invented, an exclusive patent protects the rights of the manufacturer on the monopoly to produce the particular medicine during a certain period of time. But, when this patent is invalid, any other pharmaceutical company can use the invented chemical element in the production of the generic drugs. That is why these companies do not spend such great amount of money on the invention of the new medicines. It means that a customer can have the medicine with the same effect and other drug characteristics with the cheaper price.

The received order does not correspond to the name and shape of the original drugs. What is the reason for it?

According to the data mentioned above, the generic analogs can differ in the shape and color from the branded medicines. As the manufacturers of the generics are prohibited from using the same name and appearance of the original tablets, they invent the new drug characteristics that do not influence the effect and safety of the product.

Do you provide the high quality of the products on your drug list?

As the generic medicines correspond to the efficiency, drug form and dosage of the original tablets, they provide the same effect on a male organism that is approved by the quality certificates. Our products are regularly checked by the establishments that hold responsibility for the quality and efficiency of every drug. The drugs should have the permission to be sold in the particular locations, so they are thoroughly checked before one can take it for the treatment.

What is the date of expiry for your pills?

The shelf life of the available medicines can be different. To find out this information, look on the blister. The expiry date is typed on every drug blister. Usually, the shelf life is two years from the day of the manufacturing.

How Viagra dose of 50 mg differs from 100 mg?

One can take Generic Viagra in three different ways. The dose may be 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg of Viagra. The dosage depends on the health characteristics of a patient. Thus, one can start the treatment therapy with 100 mg of Sildenafil that is the maximum daily dose of the medicine. But the dosage may be decreased or increased. The dose prescription should be realized by a doctor.

How Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and the soft tablets differ?

In the tables below you can find the needed information:


Chemical Element Lasting Effect (hours) Onset of Action (minutes) Maximum Dose Allowed simultaneous reception Interaction Contraindications Side effects
Sildenafil 4 30 - 60 100 mg - ED drugs, nitrates, a fatty meal, alcohol, grapefruit juice, HIV inhibitors, alpha-blockers Cardiac disease, blood disorders, stroke, Sildenafil hypersensitivity A headache, running nose, diarrhea, dizziness, vision disorders, stomach upset, rash


Chemical Element Lasting Effect (hours) Onset of Action (minutes) Maximum Dose Allowed simultaneous reception Interaction Contraindications Side effects
Tadalafil 36 30 - 60 20 mg - Nitrates, fatty food, alcohol, grapefruit, alpha-blockers, ED drugs Cardiac disorders, penis deformations, renal failure, allergy to Tadalafil Muscle pain, running nose, indigestion, diarrhea, headache


Chemical Element Lasting Effect (hours) Maximum Dose Allowed Simultaneous Receptions Interaction Contraindications Onset of Action Side effects
Vardenafil 10 - 12 20 mg - Fatty food, nitrates, ED drugs, alpha-blockers, HIV medicines, grapefruit juice Renal failure, stroke, bleeding disorders, Vardenafil allergy, heart diseases 30 - 60 Nausea, a headache, diarrhea, flushing of the face, vison disorders, seizures

Viagra Soft

Chemical Element Lasting Effect (hours) Onset of Action (minutes) Maximum Dose Interaction Contraindications Allowed Simultaneous Receptions Side effects
Sildenafil 5 15 - 20 100 mg Grapefruit juice, HIV drugs, ED medicines, alpha-blockers, nitrates Sildenafil allergy, heart failure, vision disorders, renal failure, blood disorders Alcohol, a fatty meal headache, dyspepsia, rhinitis, myalgia, conjunctival hyperemia, eyelid edema, redness of the face, eye problems or dizziness

Cialis Soft

Chemical Element Lasting Effect (hours) Onset of Action (minutes) Maximum Dose Allowed simultaneous reception Contraindications Interaction Side effects
Tadalafil 36 15 - 20 20 mg alcohol, a fatty meal Liver failure, stroke, cardiac diseases, Tadalafil hypersensitivity Nitrates, grapefruit juice, HV and fungal drugs, other Tadalafil medicines, nitrates, alpha-blockers Nausea, diarrhea, seizures, vision problems, muscle pain, redness, a headache, myalgia

Order information

Do I need to present a prescription to order a product?

Firstly, we recommend consulting a qualified specialist, who should examine your health and prescribe the appropriate medicine. Almost all drugs in our list demand the prescription of a doctor. If your country demands that the medicines should be permitted by a doctor, send it to the representative of the customer support.

We accept only the valid prescriptions to complete your order. You can send the copy to the e-mail or fax it to +44 – 203 – 0025627. If the prescription is not provided during three days, we cannot process your order.

How can I order the products?

Follow the instructions to order the desired products:

  1. Click the button “Buy now” if you have decided what product to order;
  2. Check the amount of the drugs specified;
  3. Click “Checkout”
  4. Specify the necessary required information;
  5. When you check your data click “Submit transaction”;
  6. You will receive the order confirmation on your e-mail. If not, ask our support team to send it again. You can download this message from your account section.

Our company accepts only the orders specified on the website. We cannot accept your orders by phone or e-mails.

What are the methods of the payment procedure?

The customers can pay for the orders only by the credit cards.

When your company posts the charge?

We will process the order as soon as the customer clicks the button “Submit” and fills the required data on the check-out page. From this moment the specified information is transmitted to the processing center of our company. Only then, the payment procedure by the credit card is authorized.

Is it safe to provide the information of my credit card here?

The privacy and safety of the clients are our main goals. We use the special software called Secure Sockets Layer that protects your personal information. You can identify the secured page by the beginning of its address that should start with “https:”.

Do you have the discount system?

Yes, we have one. You can check it here.

Shipping of the Order

To what locations do you ship?

Except certain countries in Asia, we ship the orders all over the world.

From what area are the pills sent?

The drugs are sent from India as we cooperate with the Indian drug manufacturers.

Is my signature needed for shipping? What are the packages of the order?

We use the envelopes that have no information concerning its content. If you use Standard Mail, there is no necessity to sign the order.

How long takes the shipping of the order?

Before we send your order, we have to check the shipping information and pack the medicines properly. In one-two days, the order will be sent.

When can I get my order? What shipping methods do you use?

We provide 2 shipping methods:

  • By Standard International Airmail without the tracking of your order;
  • By Express International Mail with the tracking of the order. Besides, you can see it in your account area. In the case when we deliver the products to Canada and some European countries, the package is not tracked. However, the delivery time is the same as with Express Mail.
Shipping Option Rates Delivery Tracking
Express International Mail * $ 5-9 days yes
Standard International Airmail $ 10-21 days no

*If you type a mail forwarding address (for example: PO box, General Delivery, Poste restante etc.), a hotel or the educational facility in the shipping address, we cannot send the order with the help of Express International Mail. The same concerns the wrong phone number.

Notice that the delivery time is usually common for all orders. But we are not responsible for the delayed delivery in the result of customs inspections, celebrations and natural disasters.

What are the prices for the shipping delivery?

You can find this information by adding the products to the shopping cart and proceeding to checkout. The price depends on the destination, quantity of the products and the shipping option.

Managing Your Order

How to check the order status?

You can do this in two ways:

  • From the website (account section). You can also find the information about the delivery and dispatch date. In the case of Express International Mail, the tracking number can be also checked.
  • By contacting us (Contact).

Your account section provides the information about the date of the delivery and dispatch, bonuses and the status of the order. To enter the account area, insert the number of you order, e-mail and verification code. In the case of Express International Airmail you can check the tracking number here.

My order is not sent out and I wish to change the details about shipping. What should I do?

E-mail us in your account section to change this data.

Opportunities to Cooperate

Do you want to cooperate with our pharmacy?

We consider your suggestions and proposal gladly. But, remember that the drugs and medicines should have the certificates that guarantee the safety and quality of the products. Send your message to this e-mail address.